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    Korea Bio Chemical (KBC) will lead the social trend and life culture for environmental-friendly agriculture and realize our values, giving customers happiness and receiving love by supplying high-quality agricultural materials.

  • Customer-first attitude - We’ll put ourselves in our customers’ shoes and serve you honestly.
  • Passion - We’ll continue to maintain a competitive spirit and make an effort to become the best.
  • Partnership - We’ll become a company that develops alongside the customers and builds mutual trust.
  • Originality - We’ll pursue innovation with new ideas and creative thinking.
  • Responsibility - We’ll carry out stability, safety, and social responsibility.
  • Also, KBC will manage the company as we observe these principles.

  • Value Management - We’ll realize premium value with distinguished products and service to achieve the best customer satisfaction and trust.
  • Communication Management - We’ll realize prompt customer service by collecting opinions from the field and reflecting them in the management strategy.
  • Talent Management - We’ll lead the future agriculture by supporting a systematic education and career development to foster the next generation of the best industry experts.
  • Focus Management - We’ll focus on the main field so that we can do our best to expand our business to the related area with competitiveness and distinction.
  • We’ll manage a warm and creative business culture based on the trust and love of customers, and we’ll make a sincere effort to realize a fertile and happy society wherein people respect each other.