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CHUNGMAREUM (Biotic germicide)
    Main Features
  • Chungmareum composed of patented microorganisms native to Korea.
  • As microbial culture that concentrates beneficial microbial culture products and Ralstonia solanaceaum-inhibiting microorganisms, the product can prevent plant diseases generated by Ralstonia solanaceaum.
  • A safe microbial germicide that can be used in harvesting because it gives off no residue.
  • No mammal and environmental toxicity and is especially safe for beneficial insects, such as honeybees.
  • Listed in the official list of organic agricultural materials; can be used safely.
    Method of Use
  • Genotan Method of Use
    Crop Applicable Blight Right Time to Use Amount to Use per 20 L of Water


    Cherry tomato

    Bacterial wilt Every 7-day after planting Drench treatment 100 g
    1. Please spray to plants after diluting a fixed amount to be used with water.
    2. After planting (7-day interval), it's good to use it for prevention. Spray it in the interval of 3-5 days from the beginning of occurrence.
    Guaranteed ingredient
  • Active ingredient:
    Bacillus amyloliquefaciens KBC1121 1.0ⅹ106 cfu/g