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TTANGGUEMI (Biotic nematicide)
    Main Features
  • Ttangguemi made with patented microorganisms native to Korea through biotechnological method.
  • Ttangguemi composed nematode-trapping or predacious fungus can prevent from penetrating Root-knot nematodes.
  • A safe microbial nematicide that can be used in harvesting because it gives off no residue.
  • Safe for beneficial insects, such as honeybees.
    Method of Use
  • Genotan Method of Use
    Crop Applicable Blight Right Time to Use Amount to Use
    Watermelon Root-knot nematode Soil incorporation before planting 3 kg / 1,000 m² (10a)
    1. For full tillage mixing 15 ~ 20cm soil depth so deep into the soil and spread evenly.
    2. Auth maintained for three to seven days after the humidity of 60-70% are mixed with the soil and covered with a plastic.
    Guaranteed ingredient
  • Active ingredient:
    Monacrosporium thaumasuim KBC3017 1.0ⅹ104 cfu/g