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ANTISALT (Solution for salt accumulation)
    Main Features
  • Antisalt, a halophilic and salt-tolerant microbial culture that exceptionally solves salt accumulation leading to replant failure.
  • By activating rhizomicrobial population that is highly decreased when salt is accumulated to make organics or fertilizer ingredient low molecular or minerals (amino acid, nucleic acid, organic acid, vitamin, and various trace elements), the product promotes rootage and growth of crops.
  • Because of the organic acid generated by the metabolism of rhizosphere microorganisms, the product solubilizes phosphoric acid insolubilized in soil quickly, and humic acid promotes soil aggregation, thereby improving physical and chemical properties in soil.
    Method of Use
  • Please drench the soil after diluting in 400ℓ~500ℓ (1ℓ/660m²).
  • Please drench soil 2-3 times on 5-day interval and add or subtract depending on the degree of damage.
    Guaranteed ingredient
  • Active ingredient:
    Bacillus subtilis 1.0ⅹ106 cfu/g