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SUNCHOONGE (Nematicidal microbial agent)
    Main Features
  • Sunchoonge made by biotechnological method so that native microorganisms in Korea can be used in environmental-friendly agriculture..
  • Excellent effects on the prevention and inhibition of the secondary infections by trapping nematode and predation.
  • Helps with the growth of crops with absorption of nutrient through healthy rhizogenesis.
    Method of Use
  • Method of Use
    Time of Use Amount to Use Method to Use
    to prevent Root-knot-nematode 500 times of dilution Soil drench
    to control Root-knot-nematode
    ※ The effect can be maximized in drench on 25-day interval during the whole growth period.
    Guaranteed ingredient
  • Active ingredient:
    Trichoderma harzianum 1.0ⅹ105 cfu/㎖