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BBURIKIFEUN (Uprooting and hypertrophy-specialized agent)
    Main Features
  • It contains physiologically active agents for crop, which are extracted from brown algae seaweed, such as North Atlantic sogasum, ascophyllum, nodosum, and laminaria.
  • With the interactions of environment-friendly biological compounds, high-concentration amino acid that is essential to plants and natural chelated mineral elements, this serves as an uprooting and transplanting agent that resolves all kinds of environmental stresses to activate root cells.
  • The product improves the nutrient-absorbing capacity of soil in case of poor growth, including succulent growth or root hypotrophy so that healthful crops can be harvested.
    Method of Use
  • Method of Use
    Crop Whole Crops Root Vegetables
    Time of Use At rootage after planting or transplanting Bulb formation and enlargement period
    Amount of Use After planting: 1,000 times of dilution
    Growth period:500 times of dilution
    Ib formation:500 times of dilution
    Bulb enlargement:250 times of dilution
    Method of Use Soil drench or foliage fertilizing 2-3 times Soil drench for 2-3 times
    Guaranteed ingredient and content
  • Amount of active ingredient:
    Water-soluble iron (1%) and water-soluble boron (0.05%)