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INKYEUNGE (Bulb enlargement, uprooting, and rootage agent)
    Main Features
  • Composed of natural plant hormone, natural sulfur, amino acid compound, and physiologically active substance, this fertilizer enlarges the size of root fruits of garlic, onion, and bulb vegetables.
  • This product reduces environment stresses, such as cold-weather damage and frosty injury that occur depending on the nutritive conditions of bulb vegetables as well as the physiological disorders to strengthen hibernation, improve disease endurance, and extend storage.
  • The natural sulfur ingredient increases “allicin” content of bulb vegetables to make their own flavor and deeper taste.
    Method of Use
  • 500ℓ for foliage spray (500 times of dilution)
  • 1000ℓ for soil drench ( 1,000 times of dilution)
  • Bulb formation and enlargement period after wintering more than 2-3 times
  • ※ Capacity of the bottle cap: 40 mℓ
  • ※ Use it after shaking well.
    Guaranteed ingredient and content
  • Amount of active ingredient:
    Water-soluble iron (1%) and water-soluble boron (0.05%)