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DANGCHANE (Containing high concentration liquid silicic acid)
    Main Features
  • Plenty of silicic acid and microelements exist in the cell membrane and cell organelle (mitochondria and chlorophyll). It controls the stability of the cell membrane, as well as the physiological and biochemical reactions to improve tolerance to environment stresses (drought, typhoon, chilling injury, and low temperature).
  • By working as an electron carrier for leaf oxidation and reduction reactions, the product increases chlorophyll production. Also, it promotes current photosynthate to resolve thelack of sunshine and problems with excessive nitrogen.
  • Plenty of silicic acid ingredients mitigate the external shock of the plant and promotethe generation of defensive substances, such as photosynthate, to make the plant strong. Aside from that, it can also keep the plants away from diseases and insect pests.
  • For fruit vegetables, this product increases chlorophyll, quantity, and weight through the fertility increase by flowering. Also, it reduces excessive phosphoric acid disorders and physiological disorders of excessive manganese in fruit trees
  • Gramineae crops show body temperature control and reduction of aging caused by inhibition of ethylene generation. As such, quantity is increase because of the improved quality.
    Method of Use
  • Method of Use
    Garden Products Soil drench after diluting 1,000-2,000 times depending on the conditions of crops
    Rice Farming Foliage fertilizing after diluting 1 bottle (50mL) of this agent per 500L
    Guaranteed ingredient and content
  • Amount of active ingredient:
    Water-soluble iron (0.1%) and water-soluble molybdenum (0.01%)