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NEW GEBEURONG GOLD (Sudden wilting preventor)
    Main Features
  • This is a material that is appropriate for high-quality agricultural products as it contains natural and physiologically active substance. It also contains a high-concentration of natural amino acids to improve plant growth.
  • It helps improve the growth environment for the underground part of crops by cultivating compounds. These compounds contain essential nutrients for plant and rhizosphere microorganisms.
  • Helps with early recovery from poor growth and various disorders caused by sudden wilting. Sudden wilting is caused by the enzyme activity of physiologically active substances.
    Method of Use
  • Method of Use
    Crop Time of Use Method of Use (2 L per bottle)
    Whole Crops Raising seeding 1,500-2,000 times of dilution per bottle (1,500-2,000 L)
    Growth period 1,500 times of dilution per bottle (1,200-1,500L)
    AT sudden wilting and poor growth Soil drench in 1000m² per bottle
    At fall fertilization 1 bottle per 1,500m² + soil drench incorporation with existing fall fertilizing amount
    Guaranteed ingredient and content
  • Amount of active ingredient:
    Water-soluble zinc (0.5%) and water-soluble boron (0.05%)