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KOKJIAE (Fruit drop control-specialized agent)
    Main Features
  • Kokjiae is a newly conceptualized, special agent developed to prevent the fruits and dead leaves of fruit trees from dropping.
  • It delays the abscission layer that is activated by plant hormone ethylene. This helps in the prevention of early defoliation or fruit drop.
  • As it contains high-purity physiologically active substances, it can strengthen disease endurance, increase storage value, and prevent the fruit from rotting.
  • It improves the movement of minerals and nutrients, which are essential for plants to grow healthy.
    Method of Use
  • Method of Use
    Crop Effect of Use Spray Period Dilution Rate and Amount of Use
    Fruit Tree Fruit drop prevention Whole growth period 1,000 times of dilution
    Improvement of storage Fruit drop period 500 mL / 500 L
    Rot prevention Rainy season 20 mL / 20 L
    Guaranteed ingredient and content
  • Active ingredients:
    Water-soluble iron (0.1%) and Water-soluble molybdenum (0.01%)