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HIMAX (General plant nutrient)
    Main Features
  • A general lawn nutritional supplement that contains nitrogen, phosphoric acid, potassium, microelements, and physiological activity-improving substances.
  • Contains seaweed concentration extracts, high-purity active vitamin, 18 types of amino acids, and plant activity improvers.
  • Improves rootage and activates growth.
  • A high-purity fast-acting agent and used for foliage fertilization and drench.
  • Promotes healthy growth of lawn and enhances disease endurance.
    Method of Use
  • Method of Use
    Classification Dilution Rate
    Garden Tree an Fruit Tree 500-1000 times
    Leaf Vegetable 1000-2000 times
    Cymbidium, inarching, oriental orchids, lawn, etc. 1000-2000 times
    Guaranteed ingredients and contents
  • Amount of active ingredients:
    Whole nitrogen amount (9%), water-soluble phosphoric acid (3%), Water-soluble potassium (6%), water-soluble magnesium (2%), and water-soluble boron (0.05%)