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ENZOBAK (Cold injury restorative agent)
    Main Features
  • As a microbial culture based on biological metabolic engineering, it has an excellent ability to settle in the root of plant. It can also prevent continuous cropping damages with mechanisms such as improving the underground environment of the plant, toxin decomposition, and protect the root from fertilizer salt.
  • As it contains high concentrations of various enzymes, amino acid compounds, and low monosaccharides as an aggregating agent of metabolites excreted by composite microorganisms, it activates the plant’s physiological metabolism and hydrolyzes insoluble organics and minerals, which will be promptly absorbed. It is an environmental-friendly metabolite that promotes plant growth.
    Method of Use
  • Method of Use
    Crop Time of Use Dilution Rate

    Amount to use per 20L of water(ml)

    Foliar fertilization Nursery cabinet Beginning of growth 1,500-2,000 times 10-13
    Middle of growth and harvest 1,000-1,500 times 13-20
    soil and nutrient solution drench Cultivation under structure and outdoors

    660~1000㎡/1 bottle

    1 bottle of the diluted agent in the amount of water drenched generally
    Salt stress Whole growth period 500~660㎡/1 bottle
    Guaranteed ingredients and contents
  • Amount of active ingredients:
    Water-soluble zinc (0.5%) and water soluble boron (0.05%)